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Identifying opportunities to improve information


Preparing neutral,
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Working openly through the volunteer community


Finding solutions that align your goals with Wikipedia

Our Approach

We help our partner brands work constructively and collaboratively
with the Wikipedia community to improve the topics you care most about.


Why Wikipedia Matters

Wikipedia is the world's most important reference website. With nearly 500 million global readers accessing more than 15 billion articles each month, it is the first (and often last) place readers look for information about virtually every subject. Incredible as Wikipedia can be, it is also far from perfect and never finished. It is also less reliable for some topics within its scope, like brands, companies and organizations. At Beutler Ink, we enjoy helping our partners improve entries related to their interests.

What We Do

What We Do

Beutler Ink is an agency that helps you better understand how to work cooperatively with Wikipedia according to the rules developed by its community of editors. We will assess your current standing, determine what we can accomplish, and establish the best course of action to develop your Wikipedia presence into a more accurate, reliable source of information through engagement with Wikipedia's volunteer editors. Our consulting team has over 25 years combined experience on Wikipedia, which we bring to bear on every project.



Although Wikipedia is the “encyclopedia anyone can edit” the site’s written rules and unwritten customs can be daunting. In particular, the topic of PR and "conflict of interest" on Wikipedia is complex. While "don't edit your own page" is good advice, what one should do instead isn't always clear. As consultants, we are committed to a careful, respectful approach. Following the advice of Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, we approach each project as a conversation first, seeking changes by working in open collaboration with the community.

How We Work


A typical project follows a four-step process: goal evaluation, background research, copy writing, and community engagement. Our team carefully reviews your business or brand's entry for improvement and we craft a bespoke plan for moving forward. We place a premium on thorough research and copywriting, with special care for Wikipedia’s Manual of Style. We’ll then work with you to gain consensus within the Wikipedia community. Using this process, we research and write some of Wikipedia’s highest quality articles. Our aim is for our partners’ articles to be among the best on Wikipedia.


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